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Avengers: Infinity War Pt. 1

Sun May 6, 2018, 4:03 PM
WARNING: Contains Spoilers!

In my opinion, I'll call it Avengers: End Game Pt. 1

Hi All! :wave:

I used this skin because everyone is panicking anyway.

I apologize for Highlander references ahead of time.

Well, I finally got to see Avengers: Infinity War Pt 1! :iconbigheartplz:

The biggest challenge was avoiding spoilers, I must say. I actually did quite well in that regard. I only knew about Loki's death because of DA. That would have been inevitable though, given that it's been about two weeks. 

Spider-Man's was actually an accidental spoiler because I was actually going to put the Spider-Man theme song as a status update. I ended up automatically getting 'Spider-Man Death Scene' when I went on YouTube...

However, I did have a few things I thought were spoilers, but weren't...

I saw an article about how the actors were heroes both on and off screen. I saw that Spider-Man was in the thumbnail, and so automatically assumed that everyone else was going to die that was mentioned. This included Iron Man. It didn't help that there were Iron Man head buckets. I thought they were limited edition because he was going to die. It actually sort of made sense in my eyes, because if Tony died, it would inspire Cap to get the team to work together, regardless of their opinions.

Now, on to the title of this journal.

I think the one line that sums it up: "This is the End Game."

I swear, I had NO IDEA that End Game is a possible title for Pt. 2!

Now, here are my thoughts (you do not need to agree with me)

Marvel did EXACTLY what Thanos wanted, hypothetically, to do to the universe.

Thanos said that overpopulation is what caused planets to collapse. Theoretically, this was happening in the MCU as well. I found it interesting when someone yelled out:

"What's your name again?"

I found that Part 1 is actually how Marvel is bringing the 'Original' Avengers together. I can't say that I wasn't sad with the massive amount of deaths that happened, but I get the underlying motivations.

When you see everything you love go up in flames, it's a good motivator.

Thor admits that he has nothing to lose after Loki's death *sob* He's lost his family, along with his best friend, Heimdall *sob*. This is what makes him go with the Guardians, and acts as a catalyst in the movie. Though we all know Thor's story, we've seen all of these events happen in stages, rather than all at once.

The final battle is the equivalent of Thor's loss, but done all in one quick shot.

The reason I used the term End Game is because of the series Highlander. The last movie is called 'Highlander: End Game.'  It's the final battle, and goes along with this same formula. Since the whole concept of the series was 'There can be only One,' you knew what the ending was supposed to be. The main character would be the last Immortal on Earth, which meant everyone who you'd grown to love had already died off screen, or would probably die during the movie.

You could say the concept of the first half was: "There can be only The Originals"

Many people have said that chances are the others will come back, which would make sense. Hey, if they can bring Superman back, they can use the Infinity Gauntlet to change time and space and stuff.


Now for the three death scenes in the movie before the climax, and my opinions.

Heimdall: Just...sad. He was one of my favourite characters from Thor, and I figured he'd already died during the collapse. Just seeing him be singled out and stabbed broke my heart. When Thor said his best friend had been stabbed, I was thinking the Warriors Three, but only now realize it was Heimdall. I'm tearing up again, because now I'm reminded of a freaking Highlander scene...

Gamora: I'm sorry, but I saw her sacrifice coming a mile away. As soon as Red Skull said it had to be something the person loved, the answer was a tad too obvious in my opinion.

Finally, the one you've all assumed I'd focus on:


Well, Loki's death falls in a very strange category. Since I'm on DA and it's been almost 2 weeks, I knew he died. The thing is, none of the pictures I saw actually showed HOW he died! The first picture I saw of Loki's death was an amazing piece by :iconlykusio:

Avengers Infinity War - Loki and Thor by Lykusio

After seeing this, I anticipated a huge battle between Thanos and Loki. Perhaps there would be the double dagger reveal. Yes, there was a dagger thing, but that didn't exactly work...

What made Loki's death memorable was how HUMAN it was!

It wasn't bloody, it was magical, it wasn't any of those things. Loki's neck was snapped, then he was tossed aside like he was nothing! I thought Thor would get to at least mourn him, but he didn't get the chance. It was the fact that that sort of death just didn't really seem to fit in a superhero movie made it even more memorable. I came there, expecting closure for Thor, and got nothing.

However, I was very impressed that Loki acknowledged that he was a king, and that he called himself 'Odinson.' Now Mozenrath can finally finish his sign. I think Loki has a fear of gauntlets now. 

Welcoming Committee Pt 1 by crystal-of-ix

This one ended up coming to me after watching Infinity War. Arbutus may have only been in one episode, but I think he might be a good mentor for Groot.

Welcoming Committee Pt 2 by crystal-of-ix


Did I enjoy it? Yes
Was it emotional? Yes
Would I see it again? Yes
Do I wish that I could have taken Groot's native language as an Elective in school? YES!

In the end, there can be only Six...

Tootles! :(

Video of the Journal:

I'm at a loss...

Whose Line is it Anyway? Helping Hands


I needed a laugh.

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The God of Arm Hair
Colin Mochrie as Betty, the God of Arm Hair.

Drew this a while ago, and was actually able to give it to Mr. Mochrie! I somehow managed to draw this with just a screenshot to look at.

This is a picture from Whose Line is it Anyway? where Colin and Ryan did an infomercial about air hair removal.


Do Not Use My Work

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That is all.



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Crossover Randomness: Being Legit by crystal-of-ix

This one's kinda normal.
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